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About Driven Athletic Performance

Performance For Those Who Do

We provide our clients customized, all encompassing training and nutritional programs, while bringing personalized guidance and support every step of the way to ensure success.

We've helped thousands of others to lose weight, build strength, boost fitness, and to move and perform better than ever.



Training and Nutrition

*Our most popular option*

This option allows me to get to know you better, enabling me to better personalize, problem solve, and guide to get you where you want to be. It allows me to keep you from falling off track. I make sure your workouts are adjusted if and as needed to better suit YOU. This means working around minor limitations, likes/dislikes, equipment availability etc. We meet bi-weekly over Zoom to coach you through your nutritional plan designed to help you hit your goals and work through any and all obstacles you encounter.

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Training Only

If you already have some training experience, are familiar with proper technique, and just want access to the "Driven" programming then this option is for you. You'll have unlimited access to your coach (me) through our training ap to ask any questions you have, and I'll deliver new programs to you each month. There are plenty of different options to compliment your schedule, and whatever training tools you have access to.

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Custom Training, Nutrition and Accountability

Have something more unique you want to work towards/ work around? Need something more customized? This option is for you then. Here I build everything from scratch to give you exactly what you're looking for. This option includes nutritional coaching as well as weekly check ins to best hold you accountable, problem solve, and get you to your goal faster!

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

Happy clients are sending me their before and after pictures all the time. Read what my satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with my fitness training methods and programs.

Driven empowered me to get to my highschool weight and I have never felt better. Even when I slip up they are always there with new workouts, more nutrition advice, and best of all more encouragement. I can’t say enough about the service they provide, if you’ve never checked it out you really ought to!

Dave Correia

In the past few months at home, I have gained strength, lost several inches, increase my confidence, and have seen my hard work payoff! I owe this to DAP! I’m in the best physical shape that I have been in in over 10 years. I’m enjoying celebrating my successes and overcoming my past challenges! Thank you DAP!! The support, the positive encouragement, and the commitment to helping meet my goals has been appreciated more than I could ever express! You have my trust and loyalty! You’ve helped me get back to me, and I will forever be grateful! (And yes… there are tears of gratitude in my eyes.)

Sue Oliver

I can’t say enough good things about Driven and Hogan. They take everything in to account and offer support and encouragement. They have helped me recover from 2 pregnancies and a surgery. Both with workouts and nutrition advice. I think at 40 I’m probably the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

Elysia Phelps


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